Before you apply...

Before you apply for the IAPLC, please read the following contest guidelines and rules carefully. By submitting an entry, you agree to the guidelines and rules. Letʼs help each other avoid slandering the contest results on social networks, and follow the rules to enjoy the contest together with fellow aquarists around the world!

Please make sure to read this before application:
“Help us improve the moral behavior for the IAPLC.”

Freshwater planted aquarium

  • Terrarium, marine aquarium cannot be applied.
  • In case of open-type aquarium, only underwater part is subject of grading.



  • Apr. 1
    Contest Starting Date

  • May 31
    Closing Date for Application

  • Aug. 31
    Result announcement

  • Sept.
    Result notification
  • End of November, 2024 (JST)
    The award ceremony
Contest Starting Date
The contest opens on April 1, 2024 (JST)
Closing Date for Application
May 31, 2024 (JST)
Result announcement
August 31st, 2024 (JST) (Live stream on YouTube channel, ADA View)
*The IAPLC 2024 world rankings is announced.
Result notification
Mid of September, 2024 (JST) *The IAPLC 2024 world rankings is determined.
The award ceremony
End of November, 2024 (JST) The details will be announced on the official website once available.

Contest Prize

  • Grand Prize:1 Person
    Extra Prize:Trophy, Top 100 Medal,

  • Gold Prize:1 Person
    Extra Prize:Trophy, Top 100 Medal,

  • Silver Prize:2 People
    Extra Prize:Trophy, Top 100 Medal,

  • Bronze Prize:3 People
    Extra Prize:Trophy, Top 100 Medal,

  • Honor Prize:20 People
    Extra Prize:Top 100 Medal, Certificate

  • Winning Work:73 People
    Extra Prize:Top 100 Medal, Certificate

  • The top 7 works will be featured in the succeeding yearʼs contest poster, which is posted at the ADA retail shops around the world.
  • Top winning entries will be published in the IAPLC Book 2024 (to be published in December, 2024) and various media, such as magazines and websites published by co-sponsors.

Guidelines and Rules

●No Contest Entry Fee
  • Please follow the rules and guidelines.


  • ◯Entrants must submit image data created with a compact digital camera,smartphone, tablet, or others. Photographic film, recording media and printed photograph are not acceptable.
  • ◯Image data file to be submitted must be in JPEG format (less than 5MB). RAW data is not accepted.
    ◯Please submit an image that is at least 1500px wide or more because your work will be printed in B5 size for judging.
    *If the image data is resized for submission, the original image data must be retained. The original data is required for top-winning entries.
  • ◯Image must not be processed by way of trimming, reversal and retouching, etc.
    *There is no problem with correcting the brightness and color tone of the image, or resizing.
  • ◯Use entry form on the official IAPLC website for entry. Online entry process is very simple - just fill in the form and attach your image data.
    *Only online submission is accepted. Photographic film, recording media and printed photograph are not acceptable.

●This contest is open to everyone who has a planted aquarium. Only the work created by the entrant (individual) is accepted.

  • There is no restriction in aquarium tank size.
  • The picture of the layout can be taken by any person other than the creator of the layout.
  • Applying under a name other than the name of the creator of the layout, including name of family members and others, may be subject of disqualification.

●Each entrant can submit only one entry with the picture of an unpublished layout work, taken within a year prior to submission

  • Entry must be a picture of the entire aquarium taken from the front side.
  • By unpublished, we mean the entry has not been submitted to any contest other than IAPLC-authorized contests, and has not been shown on the internet (including on social media) or any publication.
  • The submission of an identical work to the IAPLC-authorized contests is accepted only if the contestant shall not release any images of the work on the internet (including on social media), publications or any distribution media prior to the official result announcement and release by Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd.
  • Any work that is confirmed to be violated of the regulations may be disqualified.
  • Once image data has been submitted, it cannot be replaced.

●Subject of point deductions

  • Reuse of similar motif that has been demonstrated in any work formerly submitted to this contest (including use of the same composition materials, rearrangement of any past layout through mere change of plants and reversal of any past layout.)
  • Layout remarkably resembling any of the past top winning entries is subject to point deductions.
  • Plants growing above the waterline are not subject to evaluation. In case of using of houseplant, marginal plant or other plants which hardly survive in water, and layout materials that are difficult to maintain for a long period of time.
  • Pictures taken at an angle and/or showing only a part of the aquarium.

●Copyright and right of use of IAPLC entries(Revision from IAPLC 2024)

  • Although copyrights belong to the entrants, ADA will retain the right to use the entries for one year after the date of the IAPLC world rankings determination. Within this time period, the entries cannot be used in advertisements, promotions, articles without permission by Aqua Design Amano Co, Ltd.
  • In order to prevent misuse of videos or images, please understand that ADA holds copyright for all published works, printed works, videos, and web contents that ADA creates involving IAPLC entries.
  • The publication of submitted works for personal usage (for example on blogs, social media, etc) is allowed only after Aqua Design Amano Co, Ltd. announces the official results (via livestream).


  • Your application may be disqualified if it violates the Guidelines and Rules, doesnt meet application requirements, or if the IAPLC steering committee deems it inappropriate.
  • In regard to issues related to similarity between works, and simultaneous submission of an identical work to a non-IAPLC authorized contest, the decision taken by the IAPLC steering committee is final.
  • The number of works showcased in the contest book hasn't been decided, yet. Lower-ranked entries may not be included in the booklet.
  • Please note that the IAPLC steering committee does not take any questions regarding the grading and results of the contest. Also, please refrain from contacting individual judges about the contest or specific work(s).
  • The IAPLC-authorized contests and co-sponsored Magazines are subject to change. Please check the latest information.


Please note that any works that are determined to fall under the following may be disqualified;
●Same work as past years
●Multiple applications from the same contestant
●Same work registered under several different applicant names (e.g. same photo / same layout photographed from different angles, different cut, or same layout photographed at different times)
●Simultaneous submission to Non-IAPLC-authorized contests (including a photograph of the same work taken from a different angle)
  • The top 100 works will be permitted to enter other contests one year after the IAPLC world rankings are determined (exact date will depend on the year). For those that were not selected as the top 100 works, submission to other contests is permitted from any date after the IAPLC world rankings are determined. However, even for contests that the results are announced after the IAPLC world rankings are determined, please do not make any submissions to contests that overlap with the application period (beginning of applications to the date where world rankings are determined) of IAPLC. (This revision is applied from IAPLC 2024)
  • The right to make submission to the next year’s IAPLC is revoked if disqualification is found.