The aims of IAPLC

The IAPLC (International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest) is a global-scale event organized by Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd. (ADA), a Japanese aquarium manufacturer. Its aim is to promote the spread and development of aquatic plant layout. It started at the suggestion of Takashi Amano, ADA’s founder and the creator of the Nature Aquarium, and continues to be held every year.

The greatest distinctive trait of IAPLC is that it grades all submissions by the same standards, regardless of layout style or aquarium size, in determining the year’s world rankings. As long as the aquatic plant layout uses aquatic plants within the aquarium (underwater), everything is a valid submission, making it a broad contest that all can submit to, from professional to amateur. The one restriction, which we have held to from the beginning, is to limit it to new, unpublished aquascapes.
The reason the contest’s originator, Amano, did not make this the “International Nature Aquarium Contest”, is because he wished to develop the hobby of aquatic plant layout, raising it up to the realm of art and culture. In order to discover the next generation’s aquascapes, bearing all three of “innovation, originality, and creativity”, this contest was termed the “International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest”. Looking at the rise of aquatic plant layouts around the world over the years, we know that IAPLC has made no small contribution.

How each person enjoys aquatic plant layouts, and their styles, is up to them. We hope that IAPLC can be one of those ways for you. If you are considering applying, then we hope that you understand the aims of IAPLC, and enter with all you have. The world is waiting for the next generation of aquascapes.

The World expands from Passion

The IAPLC will support passion that participants put into their aquascapes and continue to be the international competition for people who are serious about the planted aquarium.
Please share your masterpiece with the world.

IAPLC Support Shop

If you are worried like “Iʼm making a planted aquarium, but not sure about entering my work to a contest....” , we recommend you to reach out to shops listed as “IAPLC Support Shop” . Please visit IAPLC Support Shops for anything about the contest from asking for layout advice to requesting for assistance with the application process.
At the IAPLC Support Shops, original supporterʼs items are available for purchase.

Application Submission / inquiry

IAPLC Steering Committee

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