NEWSHelp us improve the moral behavior for the IAPLC2021.03.01

Although we have always asked all participants to comply with the IAPLC application rules, unfortunately some people are still disqualified due to violations of the rules, and some are suspected of violating the rules. Needless to say, it is a disappointment to us as an organizer and we apologize to those who comply with the rules and apply for the contest. Here are some examples of violations that are difficult for the IAPLC Steering Committee to determine completely. We ask your kind cooperation to follow the rules to make the contest fair and genuinely enjoyable.

●“Entering a work not created by the applicant self (individual), entering a work with someone else’s name such as name of family and friends”

→Although it is no problem for someone else to take pictures of aquascapes on the applicants’ behalf, aquascapes must be created by the applicants self (individual). Moreover, an application must be limited to one work per person. Applications with names of others such as names of family or friends are violations of rules.
*“Applicant’s” name will be written in the world ranking, result notification, certificate and prize etc. Even if a work with someone else’s name wins, it will not be the creator’s honor. Additionally, if dishonesty is discovered, all related works under the creator’s name and someone else’s name will be disqualified.

●“Simultaneous submission to other contests”

→Simultaneous submission to other contests besides the IAPLC authorized contests are basically not allowed. Please apply with an unpublished work. But nowadays, there are many small local contests all over the world. And it is impossible for the IAPLC Steering Committee to keep track of everything. The current situation is that we have no choice but to trust the applicants themselves whether their works are unpublished or not.
* If we receive a report of any simultaneous submission after IAPLC results are announced, we will deal with the matter according to circumstances after carefully confirming the facts.

●“Works submitted in the past”, “Works altered partially”, “Same works with different fish positions”, “Works with photo manipulation”

→Although we carefully screen all the works to see if there is any violation of the rules as much as possible with the image analysis system including collation with past entries, the reality is that not all violations can be detected. In terms of “Works with photo manipulation”, many of those works are only slightly modified, and in most cases, the evaluation of the work does not seem to change even without the modification. Please make sure to submit a work without any photo manipulation.
* Trimming around aquarium tank is not necessary either. When publishing in magazines and website, we will trim them appropriately. In addition, please do not add any letters to the work.

We believe that it is best for each and one of every applicant to comply with the rules and apply for the contest in order for us to operate and keep the IAPLC healthy and enjoyable for everyone. Moreover, due to the impact of social media in recent years, in some cases, violations of the rules are found after results are announced, causing confusion. The IAPLC Steering Committee will do our very best for the IAPLC to be supported by all the aquarists around the world and recognized as a meaningful contest.
We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.

The IAPLC Steering Committee

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