NEWSIAPLC 2022 Disqualification of Entries Due to Duplicate Entries in Other Contests2022.10.21

The following entries submitted to the IAPLC 2022 have been found to be duplicates of entries in other contests and will be disqualified.
Since the world rankings for this year’s contest have already been determined, the rankings will not be changed and the disqualified entries will be unnumbered. Also, please note that the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest Book 2022 has already been printed and includes the disqualified entries.
We have already sent out the result notification letters, certificates, and extra prizes. However, if a disqualified entrant is one of the winners ranked 100 or higher, we will request the return of the result notification letter, certificate, and extra prize (Top 100 medal and cash prize). Even in the event that the disqualified person fails to comply with the request for the return, the result notification letter, certificate, and medal will be invalidated. As a penalty, disqualified entrants will not be allowed to enter the next IAPLC.
We hope that all participants will enjoy the IAPLC and that they will follow the rules and morals of the contest.

The IAPLC Steering Committee